Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gluten Free Snacks for Babies and Toddlers!

Here's the deal, my daughter is only 10 months old. We are unsure if she has Celiac. We probably wont know until she is 3 or 4. But since her pediatrician recommended we not try wheat/gluten products until she is a year, I have had the hardest time trying to find snacks on the go to keep her full and or tide her over until meal time. Gerber has some snacks for babies/toddlers - but they aren't all gluten free. But just today I stumbled across the baby food section at Babies R Us and saw a deal that caught my eye. Plum Organics! Gluten free and on sale at Babies R Us 3 for $8! Perfect for on the go and encouraging your baby to feed themselves.  Go get these now!
Plum Organics

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