Monday, September 10, 2012

Pinteresting 10: Crock Pot Quesadillas

When I was trying to find what to do with as few ingredients as possible, and ingredients I typically have in my home, I stumbled across Six Sister's Stuff: Slow Cooker Cheesy Chicken Quesadillas. This is delicious. No, seriously. I have some of their stuff already pinned to my I Eat Gluten Free board, so why not pin one more thing or several.....? And that's exactly what I did.

This recipe was super easy to put together in the morning, and just let sit until right before dinner time. I was able to finish up the tortilla part in the pan just minutes before we all sat down to the table. It was much loved by the fam. The only let down was that we ran out of bad, I didn't realize we only had 7 left. Being gluten free and all, I obviously used corn tortillas instead of flour, and since corn tortillas are much smaller in diameter than flour tortillas, I only used two chicken breasts instead of 4. I also used a 1.5 QT slow cooker, but you could probably use up to a 4 QT.
This is my photo since I used corn tortillas

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