Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shop Once, Eat 6 Days a Week Meal Plan

Now, I am really bad at meal planning. I used to always base what I was going to make off of cravings. Not Smart. We have really changed our eating habits around here. 2 vegetarian meals a week, less meat has cut down on us feeling blah. We also haven't been resulting to pasta for a quick meal idea. I have to say. We all feel much better. More energy, happier moods. It was a change that was worth it. Today, I will give you the links to the best recipes we have already tried out. This week is perfect for getting in the Cinco de Mayo mood.

Quinoa Black Bean Tacos

Southwestern Chopped Chicken Salad

Spinach, Chicken, Avocado Salad

Lime and Coconut Chicken

Butternut and Black Bean Enchilada Skillet

Crockpot Carnitas Tacos

Substitute what you need to meet your dietary restrictions.

Enjoy my friends!

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Missy and Nick said...

Yum!!! I need to try these!! Thanks so much Bethany!