Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Gluten Free Mississippi Mud Pie (the easy way)

It's my husband's birthday. He wanted a Mississippi Mud Pie. I have never made a Mississippi Mud Pie, nor have I ever eaten one. I was in a fog when he asked for this. He knows I am not the strongest baker, he also knows I don't like to bake if it calls for a lot of ingredients, prep work, or just spending too much time in the kitchen in general. I try here and there, but some recipes give me a down right anxiety attack.

But since it was his birthday, I said I would give it a try but he wasn't allowed to have high expectations. I scrolled through Pinterest, looking for an easy recipe. Nope. They were all too complicated for me. Too many ingredients to purchase. We are about to go on a trip, so I didn't want to go grocery shopping for food we wouldn't be using. I then messaged with my sister in law, she had a bout 3 easy recipes and sent them to me. Reading them over didn't really satisfy what it was I was looking for exactly. Then the idea came to me. Make it up! Make up your own Mississippi Mud Pie recipe. Why not? All the other recipes I found were so different and do difficult. So, I complied a list of the easiest ingredients from each recipe and made it work.

One box/package of GF oreo style cookies (I used Trader Joe's GF Joe joe's)
4 TBSP butter, softened
1/2 small package of candied pecans from Trader Joes
chocolate instant pudding
caramel topping
Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Creme 
dash of cocoa powder

See! A small list of ingredients. All I had to purchase was caramel, which we use often, and candied pecans, which we also snack on. If your store doesn't carry candied pecans, normal pecans will still do the job. The Marshmallow Creme I bought sometime back at the 99 Cent Only Store. I like it....Don't judge me....

Make your pudding according to package directions. In a Ziplock gallon bag, add GF Oreo style cookies and 1/2 a small package of pecans. Now smash it like you mean it. Make it a powdery mess inside that bag. Then pour into a large bowl and add softened butter. Mix well. Flatten into a pie dish. By now your pudding should be set, pour on top of crust, smooth out with a rubber spatula. Then take another rubber spatula, and spread a caramel layer over the pudding, then take another spatula and spread a layer of marshmallow creme. Add some pecans as a topping and dust on some cocoa powder. Refrigerate until it needs be. 

Easy as pie right? I crack myself up.

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