Monday, July 22, 2013

Oregon Road Trip Review 1: Pig N' Pancake

The little one and I took a road trip with my brother, up to the Oregon coast, to visit with our Grandmother in Lincoln City. My brother's son and our Mom was meeting us there, on their way down from Washington. It's been a great road trip and visit with my family. We have been able to find some places to eat at that carry special gluten free meals/items. I'll be sharing them with you all week.

Today is Pig N' Pancake. They make gluten free pancakes, and offer gluten free bread for sandwiches or toast. This is the second time I've eaten here. The first time was a year ago and I ordered gluten free French toast. It was delicious! I ordered it again this year and was told they can't make me gluten free French toast. I was pretty bummed. So I don't know if they have a new chef, my waiter was lazy, or just policy. Whatever the case, I still ordered a meal. I decided on the Pigs n' a Blanket. It was so-so. Not the best GF pancakes. I think I make better ones. But, I did try each one with a different topping. And I finished my meal.
You can find the image of my meal here

I hope that next year, they will bring back GF French toast, and maybe add GF waffles and crepes to the menu as well.

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